Friday, May 15, 2009

The girls new beds

The girls love there new beds!! They are so happy with them. We put them up Last Friday night. (Jason did most of it, but I was his assistant) Lacey got some new sheets that she loves. They are purple check with princess crowns and stuff on the edge of the pillowcase and on the sheet. I have been saving them for when we needed them. I got the sheets brand new still in the package for a dollar. They are perfect for the room. They think it is great!!

Luke was a tropper though all the change. He did great. Last Friday night was the first time in the twins life that they haven't sleep in the same room. Luke did great. He didn't have any problems going to sleep and he was so cute. The past few nights he has had a harder time without Lacey. He has to go give her hugs. It is so cute!! Luke is so sweet to Lacey most of the time. He seems to be doing better now! I'm so thankful for the twins, they are so cute together and are such good friends!!

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Emily Heizer said...

The girls look so grown up and cute in their big girl beds!!! They look awesome. You did a good job of finding something economical, but attractive and useful!

I can totally picture your girls as big girls in those beds!!! :)