Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers Day

Lydia took this picture. She told the twins to act like your going to eat the flowers and then she took the picture, and then looked at it, and said it was so cute! She love to take pictures, and would love to take them all the time if I would let her!!

Last Sunday when we went to go pick up the twins from there class they had these cookies flowers for me. But Luke was so cute, and he said that his was for Daddy and Lacey gave hers to me. It was so cute. Jason thought it was cool that we both got one. We walked to church and they all wanted to eat some on the way home but I wanted to take pictures. They are getting so big. Lydia made me the cutest card!! Jason gave me the Test Kitchen cookbook. I'm so excited to make stuff out of it, because they have really good food in it. Thanks for a great day!!

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