Monday, May 18, 2009

My pedicure!


Pedicures are my new favorite thing!! I love them. I had never had one till about a year ago, Jason gave me one for our anniversary it was great. But then Emily started taking me to get our toes done when she came out, and now I just love them. I went on Saturday without Emily (so sad) but I made it. It was great and I love my toes!!
When I got done the girls wanted there toes painted as well, so on Saturday night I put there hair in curlers and then did little pedicures on the girls. they loved it so much!! Here are the finished product! I didn't get any pictures while I was doing it because the camera battery had died! Bum. But next time I'm sure that I will take pictures. I girls love there toes, just like I love mine!!


Linda said...

So cute and grown up!

Shelly Beth said...

So fun. I am def. getting mine done in the next week or so so they will be pretty when I have this baby! I am going to get my hair trimmed, too!

Emily Heizer said...

that is so cute, you did a great job! I hope Lukey wasn't jealous. LOL